Evening Drinks with Lunch Actually

Last week we managed to get the busy husband and wife entrepreneurial team behind Lunch Actually and Eteract, Jamie and Violet to join us at SGE and a few of our readers for drinks.

This was our 8th official networking session at 29 Boon Tat Street - the space which the Preparazzi team had just won in the Martell The Ultimate Start-Up Space competition. (I say official because we are always meeting up unofficially.)

During the two hours, Jamie and Violet answered many questions and talked about many of the thought processes they had as they made each decision along the way.

From left: Violet and Jamie

From left: Violet and Jamie.

Thanks very much to Jamie and Violet for coming down to join us. Thanks to our guests that day, and lastly, thanks for Martell and Pernod Ricard for sponsoring the space and drinks!