SGE 2012 end-of-year lunch

The SGE team meets to celebrate the year-end! Members we missed includes Steph in the US, Shannon, Larissa and Yu Ting. Isaac joined us later but we were too busy stuffing our faces with great conversation and good food that we forgot.




Before Steph returns to the US

After an awesome two months, Steph's gotta return to the US to continue her studies. But she will continue to help us remotely! :)

Steph, Terence and I had a nice lunch by the river.


Gwen’s “fireside” chat on media at JFDI.asia

TechStars-affiliate and Southeast Asian startup incubator, JFDI kindly invited me down to have a chat with them and their startups on pitching to the media.

And here’s a picture of me apparently teaching them to swim the breaststroke.

Full album here! (Thanks to Luther for the pictures.)

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Bernard gave a talk at Southeast Asia incubator, JFDI.asia

Co-founder of SGE, Bernard gave a talk on “product development, management and marketing” at TechStars-affiliate, Southeast Asia incubator, JFDI.

Full album here! (Thanks to Luther for the pictures.) He also wrote a three-parter on SGE for those outside JFDI: 1, 2, 3.

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Joyce’s Inaugural Singapore Geek Girls Meetup!

Our very own Joyce founded Singapore Geek Girls and it had its first meetup yesterday! Here’s a picture of Joyce and myself taken by Michael Cheng:


Sharon’s Birthday!

We had lunch and Sharon had one of her favs at Food For Thought: Red Velvet cake!

She’s 22! We celebrated one month late though.


Christmas Cupcakes!

YUM! Larissa, SGE’s first intern and now alumnus, got us cupcakes for Christmas!

I only remembered to take a picture after two were gobbled up by yours truly.


Egi’s Birthday!

So we celebrated our intern, Egi’s birthday last week! Here’s the first and only tame picture:

Then comes the blurry, club pics. We went to Club Avatar at Marina Mandarin Hotel and had a blast of a time.

Above, Egi forcing me to go on stage.

Can you spot myself, Sharon and Egi in the picture above?

No idea what the above was.

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We Skydived Indoors!

Last week, Isaac and I went skydiving indoors!

How it came about is this: we were invited to a special “bloggers” session at iFly Singapore, a 3-month old outfit that holds the world’s largest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving, also known as bodyflight: it is almost 5 storeys tall: 16.5 ft (5m) wide and 56.5 ft (17.2m) tall.

So, when we got the invite to try this out, I was very excited. I had done the real thing before (jumped out of a plane from 13k ft) and had always wanted to practise my skills in a wind tunnel because my aim was to eventually skysurf one day:

(Like, how cool was that?!)

But to skysurf, one needs to have done about 3000-5000 individual skydives. The cost of doing those thousands of jumps is a little prohibitive. In comparison, a bodyflight jump is considerably less expensive.

Even though having experience and jumps in bodyflight doesn’t contribute to a skydiving certification, the practice one can get would definitely lend to better control while skydiving outdoors.

So to Sentosa Isaac and I trotted last Friday. After some briefings and demonstrations, we each had two very windy 45 seconds “fall” at 190 km/h+ (120 m/h). :)

Check me out:

(Thanks iFly Singapore!)

Apart from treating us to this special opportunity, they have also kindly extended a special package to our readers: for every Wednesday for the month of September 2011, you can get an Adult First Timer package at S$59 (USD 49) instead of the usual price of S$89 (USD 74)! All you have to do is to tell them you saw it via SGEntrepreneurs and show them this post.

As their tagline goes: Anyone Can Fly. (Check out this FOUR year old girl do her thing.)


Evening Drinks with Lunch Actually

Last week we managed to get the busy husband and wife entrepreneurial team behind Lunch Actually and Eteract, Jamie and Violet to join us at SGE and a few of our readers for drinks.

This was our 8th official networking session at 29 Boon Tat Street - the space which the Preparazzi team had just won in the Martell The Ultimate Start-Up Space competition. (I say official because we are always meeting up unofficially.)

During the two hours, Jamie and Violet answered many questions and talked about many of the thought processes they had as they made each decision along the way.

From left: Violet and Jamie

From left: Violet and Jamie.

Thanks very much to Jamie and Violet for coming down to join us. Thanks to our guests that day, and lastly, thanks for Martell and Pernod Ricard for sponsoring the space and drinks!